Evidence Sharing SolutionsEvedent - Workers Compensation Evidence Sharing Solutions

A Comprehensive Cloud-based Solution

Evedent for Both Applicant Attorneys and Defense Attorneys Serving Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies, Self-Insured Employers and Third Party Administrators

The Challenge

  • Nearly 1,000,000 new Workers’ Compensation claims per year in California alone
  • More than 20% of these new claims become litigated cases every year
  • Applicant attorneys and defense attorneys for Insurance Companies, Self-insured employers and Third Party Administrators (TPA) battle in court trying to resolve the litigation
  • There is tremendous legal friction due to inconsistent  access to all required evidence and supporting records for the Workers’ Compensation claim, medical records and employment information
  • The nature of litigation facilitates friction, delays resolution and drives up related costs for both sides of the claim process

The Solution

  • Evedent - One Record, One Source, One Resolution.
  • Single source access for all related and required documents and evidence
  • Certified accurate and complete records for the claim, medical and employment records
  • Maximum cloud based security utilizing Amazon Web Server (AWS)
  • Efficient, intuitive and easy to use software application
  • Equal access for both the applicant attorney and defense attorney
  • Cost effective solution delivering significant savings for both sides
  • Less friction, single source faster resolution

The Evedent Advantage

  • Moving from ‘Copy Service’ to secure, privilege based document sharing
  • A single source for both the applicant and defense attorneys
  • Faster resolution of cases
  • Drastically reduced claims management costs!

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